Free chiropractic healing for kids with cancer worldwide

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Complimentary chiropractic care for all children with cancer, worldwide!

Our Mission: To provide Complimentary Quality Chiropractic care to children with cancer throughout the world
Our Goal: To enrich the lives of children living with cancer
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Meet The Founder

Dr. Jamie Garvey is a chiropractor based in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. He is a two-time cancer survivor.
Dr. Jamie Garvey, Mississauga Chiropractor
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Welcome to the Chiropractic Cancer Foundation for Children. Our foundation is led by Canadian Doctor of Chiropractic Jamie Garvey. Dr. Garvey has a strong belief in the human body's innate ability to combat cancer cells and other diseases. He has first-hand experience with cancer since Dr. Garvey, himself, was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of eleven. Stress and poor circulation can undermine the body's natural healing powers and interfere with the central nervous systems's ability to communicate effectively. At the foundation, we believe that chiropractic adjustments and other natural healing techniques can mitigate or reverse stresses that lead to poor health and even life threatening diseases such as cancer.

Unfortunately, there are many victims of cancer who cannot afford chiropractic treatment. The mission of the foundation is to ensure that all children with cancer have access to free chiropractic care so that cost is not a factor in the decision obtain this important care for all those in need. We are very grateful to the over 220 chiropractors who believe in our cause and who have dedicated their time to helping others. We have members in more than six countries and are we are continuing to expand.

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