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Why do I need a website?

We require all of our members to have a website so that cancer patients seeking the services of a CCFFC member have a place to go to learn more about the services offered by the chiropractor.

Why do I need to link to CCFFC?

Linking to CCFFC helps to ensure that your patients who know children suffering from cancer are aware that you offer free services. This helps to increase your reach to those in need.
Learn more: Linking to the CCFFC Website

Don't have a website?

CCFFC has made arrangements with our web hosting company to build free professional websites for CCFFC members who would like to have a site built. You just need to pay a $399 annual hosting fee.

Meet The Founder

Dr. Jamie Garvey is a chiropractor based in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. He is a two-time cancer survivor.
Dr. Jamie Garvey, Mississauga Chiropractor
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